Focus Group Boxing Programme

Join the Journey: 6 Weeks to Boxing Brilliance

Elevate your boxing journey with our 6-Week Focus Group Boxing Programme at RC Boxing and Fitness.

This specially designed programme consists of six intensive sessions, each one a stepping stone to refining your technique, boosting your fitness, and connecting with a community of like-minded boxing enthusiasts.

What's in Store for You

Technical Boxing Drills: Dive into a series of well-structured boxing drills that focus on everything from footwork to punch combinations. Each focus group boxing session is a new challenge, pushing you to increase your boxing IQ.

Technique Enhancement: Under the guidance of an experienced trainer, you’ll fine-tune your technique, learning nuances that could be the difference between a good boxer and a great one.

Fitness with a Fighter’s Edge: Beyond boxing skills, these focus group boxing sessions include conditioning exercises tailored to build the strength and stamina of a boxer. Get ready to feel fitter and more agile than ever before.

Group Learning Dynamics: The power of learning in a group is unmatched. Share experiences, learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and become part of our boxing community as you all progress together.

Regular and Body Sparring: Experience the thrill and learning opportunities of sparring. Regular and body sparring sessions are integral to the Focus Group Boxing Programme, allowing you to apply your skills in a controlled, supportive environment.

Ideal for Aspiring Boxers and Fitness Enthusiasts

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your boxing skills or searching for a unique, exhilarating way to stay fit, this Focus Group Boxing Programme is your ideal match.

Train, learn, and grow in an environment where every member is committed to improvement.

Become Part of the focus group boxing programme

Ready to take your boxing to the next level?

Join our 6-Week Focus Group Boxing Programme and embark on a journey of skill enhancement, fitness improvement, and camaraderie.

Contact us today to sign up and step into a world where every punch thrown is a step towards your personal best.


Focus Group Boxing Programme members posing after a session.

Great sessions always, Reece definitely keeps you on your toes the whole way through would definitely recommend to anyone that is looking to get fit or boost their boxing performance/skills. 🥊

Cameron Pagett

Reece was my sons coach for nearly 3 years. He started training my son from the age of 7, and is now at the age of 11 he is now carded and heading towards his first skills bout. None of this would have been possible without Reece. His time effort and patience is second to none. Amazing coach to younger kids, teaching all the skills but keeping it fun to learn in the process. Highly recommend!

Charlotte Hare

Boxing fitness is the best of workouts. Reece comes to my house once a week for 1h and I have the best time. He is so helpful, patient which is important given my inability to know my right from my left and really supportive. I definitely recommend booking a session with him, you won't be disappointed.

Celine Dandeh-Njie

Reece is a great boxing trainer, making sessions both fun and challenging. He is very experienced and I would highly recommended training with him for all levels

Oliver Ross

Reece has trained me for a little over a year now and I have loved every minute, not only has boxing improved my physical health but also my mental health. Reece pushes me every session and is clearly committed to developing all of his clients. His knowledge and passion for boxing is clear to see and I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Jack Hewlett

Reece is a brilliant coach & trainer. Never boxed before but since starting with Reece I’ll never look back. In just a few months I’ve seen a huge difference in physical and mental health and couldn’t reccomend Reece enough. His passion for not just boxing but coaching as well is clear to see and helps me week on week to improve.

Max Levy

100% would recommend boxing with Reece, top guy with lots of knowledge and in a short space of time I improved a lot. Sessions are different every time with sparring and new workouts. Worth every penny.

Edward Dellar

Amazing! I’m not one for sweating but I was dripping, learnt a lot in the first session! knows his stuff and can take afew taps on the chin! Would recommend to anyone no matter if it’s fitness or boxing

Charlie webb

Top lad knows exactly what he’s talking about and pushes you to get the best out of you whatever your looking for. Would highly recommend has lots of knowledge and skill. Is also easy to talk making you feel comfortable.

Ciaran Boyle

I would 100% recommend Reece to anyone who fancied these sessions, he is very helpful and has very good knowledge around these areas of sport and fitness. With these sessions you could really benefit your fitness levels and knowledge around the sport of boxing. Reece is very available with appointments to fit your availability👍🏼

Ben Gauge

Had my first session with Reece yesterday and it was great would totally recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to box or get there fitness up, he knows what he’s talking about and is a great all round teacher. Looking forward to my next session 🙌🏻

Cole Chivers

100% recommend Reece whether it’s developing boxing skills or just to raise your fitness levels. Helping me with my charity fight and he’s offers great advice as well as being a good trainer.

Sam Sullivan

Brilliant first session today, really enjoyed the experience and will 100% be back for more. Couldn’t ask for anything more with my session was hard work and learned lots with it! Was also very motivating and gave good advice for what he can offer in the future Thank you 💪🏻💪🏻

Jamie Porter

100% recommend reece, so passionate and motivated about boxing, seeing someone who loves what they do makes it so much more worth while, along with all the years of experience he carries! Go give him a shot if you or someone you know is interested in taking up boxing he’s ur man 💪🏼

Sam Regan

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